Our doctors provide experienced surgical care for our patients – including both routine surgeries and emergency surgeries. Our well-trained veterinary technicians carefully monitor your pet during the surgery with our state-of-the-art equipment and we provide intensive after-surgical monitoring to be sure they are recovering safely and painlessly. Our patients are carefully screened prior to the anesthetic to ensure their safety, and we offer pre-anesthetic blood work as part of this process. In dogs and cats, we check to ensure that their liver, kidneys, red cell and white cell counts are normal. If any major abnormalities are found, we do not proceed with the surgery unless it is an emergency.

The types of surgery we provide include:

  • Spay (females)
  • Neuter (males)
  • Lumpectomy (removal of masses/tumours/growths)
  • Cystotomy (removal of bladder stones)
  • Exploratory Laparotomy (surgical “exploration” of the abdomen checking for foreign bodies, masses, etc.)
  • Wound repair
  • And others

If the surgery needed is very specialized, we would refer you to a Board Certified Surgeon to perform the necessary surgery.


Many dogs and cats evelop dental disease during their lifetime. While diet can play a role in helping prevent dental disease from developing as rapidly, genetics play a huge part as to whether or not your pet will develop dental disease. We use a modern ultrasonic dental machine to clean your pet’s teeth if needed, and if rotting or infected teeth are present, we would extract them to prevent further pain and potential spreading of infection in your pet’s body.

Infected gums and teeth can spread bacteria through the bloodstream into the heart, liver, and kidneys and can be life-threatening. The doctors will examine your pet during their appointment beforehand and let you know if a dental cleaning with or without extractions is needed. If so, we use safe anesthetic techniques to sedate them into a comfortable sleep while we do the necessary work – they will not lay still for us like humans do!