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Allergies & Skin Disorders


Skin problems are common in dogs and cats and can be caused by hormonal disorders, allergies, infections, or parasites such as fleas and mites. These issues can be difficult to treat and should be addressed promptly.

We can often diagnose a skin problem by simply examining your pet. Some dermatologic diseases or conditions do require additional diagnostic procedures to ensure a correct diagnosis. Depending on your pet’s symptoms and the results of our physical exam, we may run blood work or perform a urinalysis, skin scraping, or biopsies.

Does your pet have any of these symptoms?

• Ear – Redness, severe itching, swelling, head shaking, yeast infections, odor.
• Skin – Intense scratching, rubbing, licking, scabs, hot-spots, secondary infections.
• Fur – Brown stains from chronic licking; hair loss on abdomen, elbows, and groin.
• Face – Scratching, rubbing, redness around eyes, snout and chin; runny eyes, sneezing.
• Feet – Inflammation, infection, redness, brown stains from licking.
• Tail – Intense itching and licking at base of tail.
• Stomach – Vomiting or diarrhea.

Contact us if you notice your dog or cat scratching excessively or if he or she develops any bare patches, scabs, scaling, redness, inflammation, lumps, or bumps. Now is the time to prevent skin flare-ups and provide comfort for your pets.

Please call us for details on how we can help manage your pet’s allergies and skin disorders!

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