Due to the current shortage of veterinarians, it has become more challenging to offer after hours care for your pets. If you are certain your pet needs immediate medical care after-hours, please contact SmartVet (more information below) for a consultation.They will help direct you to an available clinic if needed, or provide medical assistance. Please be aware that there is a fee for the SmartVet services which is paid directly through their website and is separate from our clinic, their fees will not include any potential follow up fees at London North Animal Hospital if required. Other options would be:

Hamilton Regional Emergency Veterinary Clinic


Campus Estates Animal Hospital (Guelph)


Mississauga Oakville Veterinary Emergency Hospital


OVC (Ontario Veterinary Clinic) Emergency


We are now offering after-hours consultations with an Ontario licensed veterinarian through a new partnership with Smart.Vet. To submit a request, please click the image to the right to get started.

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London North Animal Hospital

London North Animal Hospital is a full service animal hospital in London, Ontario that handles medical and dental issues. Please check out some of the excellent services our pet hospital can provide for you.

Our Mission

Our goal and policy is to deliver the latest and highest quality veterinary medical care available in a gentle and compassionate environment. The professional and courteous staff at London North Animal Hospital are here late to provide the best medical and surgical care for your pets.

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